• Use Condor to enhance your gliding experiences

    Eurobattle is here - a lot of Condor virtual pilots are enjoying real-life soaring, but maybe some rainy weekends will come - so we decided to run some Condor racing tasks to compete virtually throughout 2020.

  • Practice makes perfect

    This contest is more "good practise" like "a serious condor-danmark.dk contest" - take it as a practise with scoring throughout the Condor season... Only one half of all tasks will be counted in overall score, so you can miss 26 flight and still get good points for total ranking.

  • Tasks, classes and date/time

    We will fly over several Condor sceneries with several glider classes. No registration is needed. We will race always with PDA allowed, servers are running around the clock on 2 servers.

Why Eurobattle?

Eurobattle is a soaring online competition, based on Condor: The Soaring Simulator. Eurobattle is hosted by Condor-Danmark.dk

Used Condor Sceneries

More information will come as long as new landscapes is being released

Our Racing Days

Racing starts is Monday 20:15 CEST and servers will be online with 2 servers until Monday 19:30 CEST. Preliminary results will be showed, final results will be showed here before next task starts.

Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator is designed to recreate the ultimate experience of competition soaring on your PC. A lot of attention was put in to create an environment which would create an immersion of real competition flying. This means that the aerodynamics and weather physics were in focus of the development. The result is amazingly real feel of flight in all flight regimes and weather conditions which challenges a real soaring pilot on a competition day.

Amazing feel of flight due to the advanced flight dynamics model: Advanced 6DOF flight model for complete freedom of flying / Accurate sailplane performance and handling – also at and beyond critical angles of attack / Sailplane damage simulation – flutter, high G stress, collisions / High time fidelity physics engine (up to 500 cycles per second) / Accurate ground forces for realistic takeoffs, landings and crashes / Detailed, sub-object collision detection for mid air and ground object collisions / Accurate conditions for a realistic towing and winch start.

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